Why wetlands are so important #WorldWetlandsDay

In case you were note aware, today (2 February) is World Wetlands Day. As a freshwater aquatic scientist currently working in lentic systems,  I am overly passionate about wetlands and the services they provide. As a major player in the hydrological cycle, their protection is key to sustainable freshwater management. Apart from the hydrological aspects, they also provide Read more about Why wetlands are so important #WorldWetlandsDay[…]

Field safety and the grad student

The reality of the dangers associated with fieldwork research often go undiscussed within the academe. This is until tragedies occur, reminding us of what’s on the line. For graduate students especially, the onus of ensuring safe working conditions falls very squarely on the individual. In many instances you may be the only one looking out Read more about Field safety and the grad student[…]

Sharing science without the scientists

Well, another conference has come and gone (if you want a few highlights from it, check out the twitter hashtag #Congress_2013). The City of Saskatoon provided a nice, albeit pricey, location for the combined annual meetings of three large Canadian scientific organisations (CMOS, CGU and CWRA). Kudos need to be given to the organisers and Read more about Sharing science without the scientists[…]